At Coeur d'Alene Coffee Co, we acquire coffees from all over the world to curate a variety of roasts.
Please contact us and we’d be happy to provide options, pricing, and set up a tasting!
Email us at: wholesalecdacoffeeco@gmail.com
light roast

"Start up"

Single Origin
Region: Ethiopia - Limmu
Processing: Organic, Natural
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Blueberry, Strawberry

Medium Roast


Single Origin
Region: Guatemala, Huehuetenango
Processing: Organic, Washed
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, Toffee, Cherry

Dark Roast


Single Origin
Region: Oaxaca, Mexico
Processing: Organic, Washed
Flavor Notes: Toffee, Graham Cracker, Raisin Cookie



Single Origin
Region: Papua New Guinea
Processing: Swiss Water
Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Butter, Cherry Jam

Espresso Blend - Medium/Dark Roast

"Innovation Blend"

Region: Ethiopia, Guatamala
Processing: Organic, Washed
Cup Notes: Chocolate, Toffee, Dried Fruit